About Me

I am Nils, a 25 year old Designer and 2d-3d Artist with a focus on digital art and media. 

In my work i try to find new ways to challenge myself with new techniques and design practices. I love to combine different aesthetics and work-flows to reach different audiences and give insight into my line of work.

On this website i want to present both my interests and passions which is graphic design and 3d Art.


I always felt passionate about creating pictures and working with cool new shiny tools to achieve my goals.

From a young age i was fascinated by games and especially games that had a historic context. 

One day having picked up a terrible Pirates Game i had found on a shelf and begged my mom to buy for me, i went home happy only to discover its gameplay and missions were broken. After searching online i was introduced to a new shiny thing that would pick my interest. 

Mods for Video-games

After figuring out how to install and play with them i would start to mod all my games.

In 2009 i started my first attempt on creating a mod myself and found it to be more fun than actually playing the game.

After changing scripts and textures, i moved on to create 3d models for games. 

But next to making stuff for games i always stayed interested in design and art in general. 

Much like modding for games, it is the missing parts or the undiscovered possibilities that drive me to create my projects and art.


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2015-2018 Bachelor Degree Visual Communication & Design FHNW HGK Basel

2016-2017 internship as 2d Artist Urban Games Schaffhausen

2013-2014 preliminary studies in design F+F School Zürich

2012 english course Global Village Honolulu US, Degree C1

2009-2012 Atelierschule Zürich Integrative Mitelschule, Zürich


Programs & Skills

  • MS Word

  • Photoshop

  • In-Design

  • Premiere

  • Blender

  • Substance Painter

  • Substance Designer

  • Quixel Suite

  • Cinema 4d

  • C Brush

  • fluent in German and English

    I am also interested in new digital technologies and have done work that involves things like:

    deep-learning, animation, filming, photogrametry and photography as well as working with java as a tool to create visuals.