my experiance with modeling has mostly been modeling human made structures. So why not make some animals. I started out by making blocks, which i subdivided and formed into body parts. Having a clear shape and proportions very early on with a simple mesh was very important


Having learned texturing from hand without any texturing programs, i was still familiar with the problems caused by seams, so i focused alot of my attention to create a mesh that allowed for a better UV layout for my texture.


I wanted to use my low-poly animals as assets for a game. for that purpose i baked my textures from the detailed mesh to my low-poly version. In addition i also created a billboard texture for all my animals, which meant that even with many animals in use it would not decrease performance.




I had started making animals by a community request to make them a downloadable Decoration-Asset. Therefore it allways had been my intention to keep them low poly and having Level of Detail options for the camera zoom. The finished assets are using PBR textures, that include a detailed normal map. Additionaly to my Animals i also created fitting fences.




I always like to draw by hand and create scribles that i can use to create logos, but i struggled working with 2d vector graphics and ilustrator. I started using Blender as my tool to create vector graphics and to create logos and svg’s using 3d space.


In the process of creating my textures i became interested in how to change the style of the same model throgh diffrent techniques. I started to like the very simplified colors and the blocky low poly mesh.

I created 3 different scenes to show the different style options.

reh_01 Kopie.png

Using 3d Software for different purposes is something i do alot and enjoy doing.


I have only limited know-how about 3d animation, but i enjoy testing new things and getting to know possible ways in how to apply them in a creative way.