Making a Train 2014-2018

This Topic is different to the rest on this website. It is a showcase of my progress on creating 3d models. In 2014 i started making my own 3d models with blender.

Learning modeling was something i started to teach myself. The process of learning it myself was probably the longer route and doing it this way, was marked by doing alot of mistakes. However it also taught me patiance.


I had the opertunity to share my work and progress within a community, that aprechiated my work and was very supportive to help my goal to create 3d models. The problem was getting enough critical and technical feedback on my work.


That changed with my first train model that i created, where my limited know-how about modeling showed. Thanks to the feedback i got some tips on how to improve and tried my 2nd attempt.

render icn_scene4.png

Before starting my studies i also became the opertunity to do a internship at Urban Games as a 2d artist. Next to my studies and working at Urban Games i also started to improve making low-poly models.


The shape of the front of the train was very difficult for me to recreate.


my first finished 3d model.


my first version of the rabde 500 that i showed to the public.


My next version of the same train.


After my 2nd version i did not work on the Rabde 500 for a long time. Instead i became better at creating textures.


another attempt for the front of the train.


After many attempts i was finaly happy with the shape of the front and continued working on the rest of the model. With this project i learned taking alot of time and coming back over and over again, improving and using new learned techniques to make my model better.





You can check out the current state of the model on sketchfab.